Miniatures: Why do I paint them?


One thing I get asked about a fair bit is why I like painting miniature models and figures. Like why would you waste time and effort on painting something the size of a thumbnail? Why spend so much money on pointless figures? Etc. Etc.

To be honest, it started a while ago…

In Year 7 when I started secondary school a tabletop game called Warhammer 40,000 became popular among my friends. It eventually spread to me. I thought it was cool but didn’t know what it was about.

Eventually I learned and read stuff and that’s when I began painting. The young version of myself appreciated the hard work and attention to detail just to assemble and paint one 28mm figure (which so happened to be a Space Marine). I was interested in making and painting and reading about them but never interested in the physical game (unless it was a video game).

However, I slowly lost interest as it became very uncool and people would be bullied for it unfortunately. Another reason for stopping is that it is a very expensive hobbie.

Fast forward to 2016.

My friend and I stumbled through the shops of Liverpool and came across Games Workshop (the company that make the Warhammer games) and went inside. My love for them kind of rekindled as we browsed the already painted figures on display and the effort that went into them. I felt inspired to do them again and I doubt I would have decided to paint them if we didn’t walk into that shop that day.

Few days later I returned to GW and purchased a starter paint set and a Wight Knight Count mini and went home to paint.

This was the result:

For my first attempt in over 9 years, it was good… In fact it was the best I’d ever painted! (Year 7 Dan couldn’t paint for shit compared to this recent one!).

I was proud of it and then that’s when i decided to go further and continue it. It became a hobbie I loved and enjoyed because although it can take up to 3 hours to paint one, there came great satisfaction in putting down my brush and admiring what I’d done. The attention to detail and the ability to customise these things the way I wanted was great! In fact, I actually find it therapeutic! Strange right?

I recently discovered that there are plenty of different miniatures available from Spartan soldiers all the way to WW2 soldiers and more! So much detail!

Anyway, that’s how it all came about. I haven’t done them in over a month due to university life but hey, my work is done for summer so there’s opportunity to do more. They’re fun and I’ve recently had the idea to make a mini diorama based on the Last of the Mohicans film! There will be an update when the ball starts rolling with that project.

So folks, there you have it. It’s fun and therapeutic and gives me something different to do rather than just play video games or play guitar. It’s a form of art I guess!



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