Life Update #2

Wow, two posts in one week?! Impossible!

So here’s what’s going on.

Firstly, I’ve began reading more on the whole! Great! I’ve so many books on my shelf at the moment and I stupidly keep buying more. Stupid impulse purchases. I’m slowly trying to get through a few more books over the summer and hopefully have at least 10 done by the end of the year. That’s right, setting me some goals here.

I still need to sit down and write my dissertation proposal, I just keep forgetting about. However, progress has been made as I’ve spoken to the tutor I want to supervise my dissertation. It went well but I need to read more scholarship/secondary reading and focus my idea down to something a little more specific. It’ll be done soon…

My miniature painting is actually coming along great! I’ve actually started my Raven Guard Space Marine Assualt Squad:

Not bad eh? The hardest part really was writing Corvus on the shield banner. I’ve still got another three to assemble and paint but once it’s done I’ll do a post specifically about painting and maybe how I did it. We’ll see.

I went out the other night for an impromptu night out with my three closest comrades. It was brilliant to see them and have the four of us together again too. I have an amazing group of friends who always have my back and help me with anything.

Other than all that, I’ve a house party to go to tonight, I still need to decide what alcohol to bring. The thing is with me and parties of any kind, I sometimes feel awkward at some point in the night. It’s weird. Like, one minute I’ll be fine, talking away to people I know or don’t know. Then when the conversation ends. BOOM. I feel awkward. I’m just weird so nothing new there.

That’s it for now. More updates soon!

Stay weird!



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