Life Update #3

Well it’s been a while since the last post. Apologies. I’ve been quite busy.


I’ve actually finally moved in with my girlfriend. We now live a small flat together on the quietest street ever. I’m sure the neighbours will appreciate the 5 guitars I’ll be bringing over. It’s really nice but it’s bloody hard work moving in. It makes you realise the amount of shit you possess! 

Anyway, we’re in and just need to organise our stuff and find homes for things. 

On another note, I’ve almost finished the dissertation proposal, I’ve changed the question a few times like but I’ve now settled on something I think I’ll enjoy writing which is great! Just got some little bits to fix then it’ll be good to go, meaning no anxiety over what’s due in because I’ll be done for summer.

Which brings me to my next point:

Summer. Oh boy, does it get hot here! Yes, us Brits do suffer with white weather but with summer starting, it gets really really hot. In some cases it’s hotter than some parts of Greece, like Mykonos! But hey! Work on that tan man! (That rhymed!) 


Anyway, I’ll be doing a separate post on my overnight trip to Dublin. Which will be up soon, probably today.

Hope you’re all well.



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