One Night in Dublin…

… and it was great!
We arrived and dropped all of our bags at the hostel. Our first port of call was EPIC Ireland, the Irish Emigration museum. We received little cardboard passports and had to get it stamped in every room which was different. It was a really interesting museum and something different to museums I’ve visited. 

Statue showing the changes in emigration travel.

After completing the tour we had free time to do whatever we wanted in the city centre (within the laws of the land of course). So most groups fucked off to the pub which is fair enough considering Ireland is famous for Guinness. 

However, my group of comrades and I did a lot of walking… And it was worth it!

Dublin was a busy place and lots of road works and renovations went on during our visit but then we found little gems like this:

A garden for all those who gave their lives for Irish freedom

And this:

Memorial for those who took part in the 1916 Easter Rising

We visited two small pubs on our travels because it’d be rude not to. Guinness definitely tastes 1000 times better than it does in the UK. 

We eventually made it back considering how far we walked and how hot it was. We then had dinner in a place called the Harbour Master which was nice. By the time dinner was done, the football was on the telly and most people either went the pub or watched the match or both. 

I personally didn’t feel inclined for alcohol so I went for a walk and then came back to meet people after the football was done (football, or sport in general has never been my thing).

Dublin stores stop serving alcohol at 10pm. which was a shock to our systems. This lead to a search operation for the nearest off-licence to buy alcohol just before the curfew. We succeeded and enjoyed a few cans on the roof of the hostel which felt right:

Not too bad of a view.

I was goosed so I went to bed for about 12.

Next day we visited Glasnevin cemetery and Croke Park.

Glasnevin cemetery was brilliant, we had a guided tour around parts of it as it was huge! The tour guide did look at me funnily a few times and it wasn’t until towards the end of the tour that I realised I was wearing a black t-shirt that read: Death Row Records! Poor choice of clothes I admit but I didn’t realise.

The Grave of Michael Collins

Croke Park was interesting as well as they only play Irish sports there. A game they play seems to be a mix of rugby, cricket, football and hockey in which you can probably kill someone with a stick… Sounded fun I think.

So that was that! Dublin a place for Guinness and sightseeing. If you’ve never been then I recommend it. A few pointers though:

  • Stay for more than a night.
  • Buy off-licence alcohol before 10pm.
  • Pubs don’t always count as sightseeing.
  • Never wear inappropriate t-shirts to cemeteries.
  • Bring more than €40.



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