The Stress of a Hobbyist.

So far I’ve painting around 20 miniatures after taking the hobby back up again last year.
Today I’ve finally finished the Raven Guard Assault Squad!

I’m pleased with the outcome! A few of the were absolute bastards to assemble though!

For those of you who don’t do the hobby yourself. Here’s a little breakdown of how they come to be and what’s involved in creating them…

Firstly, most wargaming figures are made from either plastic or metal. There’s a different process to both materials when dealing with them. For example, when dealing with metal or Finecast (a highly detailed resin plastic) you commonly find “flashing” (no not that type you pervert). 

Flashing is basically small, fragile off cuts of the material that come away from the core model and are easy to remove. So far the models I’ve dealt with have had small amounts which are easily removed by pulling them off or clipping them. Plastic sprues don’t suffer with this stuff which is good.

The Assault Squad that is completed began life in the form of a sprue which is the big mass of plastic you see in the above image. To assemble your figure you need to clip out each and every part you require and glue them together. This can be annoying, frustrating and in general makes you want to set fire to your models and yourself when they don’t stick together. Especially when dealing with Finecast or metal models as they require super glue and that is a risky game my friend.

However once you’ve got it all sorted then you can prime it an paint it. Which requires steady hands, patience, time and a will of iron. I say this because you don’t just paint them pink and then think it’s done (you could do that I suppose). It requires layering and highlighting and building up of colour. 

Once you’ve got the hang of it you can achieve great results and although I have said it can annoy you and stress you out when you see an arm or leg fall off, it’s actually quite a relaxing hobby for me and rewarding in a way knowing you’ve created something and built it from scratch. Whether it be a 28mm miniature or a hulking WW2 battleship. 

My next plans from this is to paint some Lord of the Rings models and maybe make a diorama of them. Who knows?



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