Life Update #4

Dan’s back and here’s what’s new!

I’m working Monday to Fridays now which I’m still getting used to. It’s hard work sometimes but at least I have weekends back which I haven’t had in a while. Means more time to relax and do things which is nice.

I recently went to see Wonder Woman which I highly recommend. It’s really well done and it’s actually done right in terms of DC movies. The cinematography and score are brilliant and it’s the right balance of story and action which keeps you fixated to the screen. If it was a score out of 10 I’d probably give it a solid 8!

Nothing much is going on though, just enjoying flat life. I’ve ordered a new miniature which I can’t wait to paint. 

It’s fucking Batman!!! 😀

It’ll be quite simple to paint and it’s totally different to the usual Warhammer fantasy/40k and Lord of the Rings miniatures that I’ve painted before too!

My plan after this is to do some Spartan commanders I think. My mind changes frequently though so don’t count on it.

Also, my dissertation proposal that I’ve spoken about… It’s been accepted! So now I’m after a laptop to begin filing sources and to start work on it! I’m actually quite excited but that might change when I start my final year and die under the immense amount of work needed to be done…

Ah well…

I’m still reading as much as possible which is great as I’ve finished the Fellowship of the Ring (which is a fantastic book!). I’m going to be reading some books for my dissertation over the next few months. However, I plan to get The Histories by Herodotus as I’ve been told it’s a fantastic book so I need to get it.

That’s all for now I guess. I’m having a 300 marathon currently as I’ve not seen 300: Rise of an Empire yet. 

Anyway take care, until next time…



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