Music and what it means to me.

So, I recently bought myself some new earphones after spending two and a half weeks without them. Anyone who knows me well, know that I always wear earphones no matter where I go. Ever since school, I enjoyed drowning out the world around me in Sounders.

Having spent so long without them I’ve realised how different it is to live without music.

I found that life is very different…

Sounds stupid and insignificant to some but it’s true. For me, music is an extension of myself. 

It’s a form of expression. 

It’s an emotion.

It’s a way of feeling.

This time spent without music has been unpleasant. Ive actually not listened to anything new, I’ve not felt driven to play much guitar or inspired enough to create new music. All my journeys to work on the bus have felt longer and boring and don’t get me started on the conversations I’ve heard on the bus!

It’s a small thing but to fellow musicians, music lovers  and myself, it’s a big deal. 

To begin with, my music taste is varied as fuck! For example I can go from listening to Of Monsters and Men to Slipknot to Bon Iver. It’s small things that can make a good day a great day. 

Music to me is everything. It shows as I’ve been listening to Skin & Bone by Of Monsters and Men as I write this post whilst on the bus home from work.

Because I have music, I now feel inspired to pick up and plug in my guitar and hopefully write something new. The feeling of creating something new, original and beautiful.

See that’s what it all comes to in the end

Doesn’t it?



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