Return of the Nerd (Life Update #6)

Firstly, apologies for how long it’s been since I last posted. Life is hectic which I’ll get into shortly.

So university so far is going well, I’ve started writing my dissertation which is going slow but I’m greatly enjoying it. My research into the CIA during the 2003 Iraq War and involvement Abu Ghraib goes quite deep and it is a grim subject but it’ll make for an interesting project hopefully.

Things are going well. I’ve started a new model project, well actually, I have too many…

Things have gotten so out of hand that I’m almost up to my neck in plastic, wood and metal! I’ve got a bunch of Warhammer 40k Space Marines to do, two of which were from Forge World, a Mordor Troll from Lord of the Rings, Flesh Eater Court ghouls from Warhammer fantasy and two winter American soldiers from Bolt Action that I intend to make a small diorama with.

I also have two wooden model ships, which I received from my parents for my 21st. One is a 1:325 scale model of the HMS Victory and a Golden Dutch Yacht in a bottle. The later of the two I’ve recently started.

After much filing down and super glue, the main body is almost complete.

So far so good. Didn’t realise how tiny it is until I realised how much work has to go on it. The dead giveaway was the size of the cannons! I’ll probably try and do updates on the assembly of this model if I can as I haven’t seen many people talk about it online.

Other than models I’m trying to read more.

I’m currently reading a book called In the Heart of the Sea by Nathaniel Philbrick, which is a book my missus got me for my 21st. It’s about the whaling ship the Essex which was sank by a Sperm Whale in 1820. It’s what Herman Melville based Moby Dick on, so its historically correct and based on diaries and journals written by some of the survivors. It’s so good and truly gives insight into the Nantucket whaling industry of the 19th century. I might review it once I’ve finished it. My next book will be Moby Dick, as I think it would be interesting to get the historical context of the true story in my head whilst reading the book.

Dungeons and Dragons! New levels of geek reached my friends!

I have also began playing Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve got my own character and am planning a campaign for a few friends but haven’t had the time to work much on it. It’s a super fun game that I highly recommend to anyone who have been interested in it or thought about playing it. There’s plenty of places like games cafés and stuff that run DnD nights so if you’re ever interested, I suggest you go. Any writers out there that may consider fantasy as a genre should definitely play it as you can easily write a story based on what goes on. So bring a notebook!

Other than this, life is okay. I will attempt to keep up with the blog again as it’s something that I’d like to continue it and see where it goes. There will be reviews, model updates, life updates and whatever comes my way.

Take care and eat your greens!




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